Windows XP cleanup

The performance of Windows XP tends to degrade overtime. Many unneeded files get accumulated in Windows XP with the course of time. The system makes use of various temporary files that are created in systems folders. Temporary files from internet are another source. Every time, you download a page from the web, the files that make up that page are stored in cache folder. Surfing the internet can cause cookies buildup. Registry is one of the important areas in the XP operating system. Every change made to the system affects the Registry. Overtime, many useless entries get accumulated in the registry. All these factors affect the performance of the system. It is therefore crucial to use XP cleanup tools to increase its speed and performance.


Lots of data are stored on your files temporarily, when Windows Applications create files. These files should be removed when the application ends. However, they are not removed due to a program error, slack architecture or application locks up with another application. You do not know about the existence of the files unless any problem occurs. The junk and obsolete files accumulate to megabytes, wasting hard drive space. Searching for those files and deleting them manually take a lot of time. XP disk cleanup tool is essential to search and delete temporary files, folders and other applications, delete cookies and search and eliminate duplicate files.


The disk cleanup tool helps you get some space on your hard disk. It helps look for files in the disk, so that you can delete them effortlessly and safely. It offers you the option to remove some or all of the files. You can make use of the cleanup tool to remove downloaded program files, temporary internet files and Windows temporary files. It can also help you empty the recycle bin. You can eliminate installed programs and optional Windows components that you no longer use. You can access the cleanup tool in many ways. It is listed in the Start->All programs->Accessories->System tools in Windows XP. You can also right click on the drive icon in Computer, choose “properties” and then click on the “Disk cleanup” button. Another way to use Disk cleanup utility is to click on start-> run and in the open box type “Cleanmgr” and press “Ok”.


Disk cleanup helps to keep your PC running smoothly. Many people think that cleaning up disk is a long, tiresome process to be done manually. However, the cleanup utility for XP is very easy to use. It determines the files on a hard drive that are no longer needed and delete them easily and quickly. It frees up significant amounts of hard drive space. Using cleanup tool regularly can help you improve your system performance. XP disk cleanup software is absolutely free from adware and spyware. It has a user friendly interface that makes it easy to use. The disk cleaning process can be done automatically, so it saves your valuable time.  

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