The internet is worth more than a trillion dollar business a day, this explains why there are so many people who want to benefit from this opportunity. But 95% of the people who had started out in their internet businesses turned out to be unsuccessful. Is making money online purely a hype which doesn’t work out? Not everyone realized that all the ideas and techniques found online are worthless if you don’t even try to understand what your business model is or how do plan to make money off the internet. The most outstanding internet marketing technique will not work if you don’t even understand how and when to apply to your business.

The different ways of making money online are:

1) Affiliate Marketing

This is perhaps the most popular way. Affiliate marketing provides a great start for newbie. Anyone could just sign up for an affiliate program at no cost and start promoting it. Affiliates will only be paid if someone makes the purchase through their link. There are almost no risks for being an affiliate since they do not pay for the product creation, handle customer service and details of the internet transactions (merchant accounts, autoresponder, reciprocal linking and etc). You could also be an affiliate even if you do not own any website.
There are some affiliate marketing programs which require you to make a small upfront investment whereas some are free. It is not amaze if you found your friend promotes an affiliate program or another. Actually affiliate programs are the main cause for the Internet to be proliferated with ads and banners.
Millions of affiliates are out there promoting different types of affiliate programs, but only 5% make any money and barely 1% makes big bucks. The ones earning the big checks are known as the “Super Affiliates” because they do it very entirely different from the rest. You must have the patience and discipline to learn from the “Super Affiliates” if you want to be successful in affiliate marketing.

2) Online Consulting

If you have the experience and the expertise in a certain niche, you can start your consulting business online and offer your services. You are only paid when you offer your knowledge and advice for a fee.
You can build this business online directly from your website which acts as an advertising tool. Firstly you should start building on your credibility and trustworthiness. Try to offer being a speaker for event on your niche, provide great deals of information and you will really get recognized fast. You can also refer your customers to your consulting business online by offline marketing.

3) Auctions Online / Stores Online

This is similar to eBay and you can sell almost anything on these auctions online. There are quite a plenty of auctions online. The main idea is to get quality products at wholesale prices and sell individually. Try to search for the best wholesalers on the products that you plan to sell and the selling price that other sellers are setting. Calculate the profit margin that you want to earn and you are ready to sell.
You could also set up your own store online. These few years, there are more and more people getting online to sell fashion stuffs and they have made quite a sum out of it. Creating your store online is basically similar to auctions online. You will definitely invest more time and money to create a pleasant website and it may require you to have some other additional tools like shopping cart and having own website.

4) Paid Reviews

You could earn money just by contributing an online review to any paid review sites. Most of these sites either compensate cash or provide other incentives for your contribution in their market research reviews.
The difficult part of earning money from paid reviews is that you had to differentiate the legal paid reviews offers from the fraudulent websites. These kind of deceitful websites have been increasing.
To prevent yourself from paid reviews frauds, doubt any offer that looks too good to be true. Do some researches on these sites before engaging yourself in the paid reviews business or giving out any personal information. You may also want to check if that particular prospective business is listed in the Better Business Bureau to ensure that they are not any scam or fraudulent paid reviews sites.

5) Dropshipping

Being a dropshipper does not require you to have huge capital to buy in the products and the risks of unable to sell away. All you have to do is to create a presentable website and direct the product consumers to buy from your site.
Consumers will make the payment to you whom in turn transfer the order to the distributor. The distributor will do the packaging and send the product to the consumers. Upon successful transaction, you will be paid a percentage of the sales. Some people prefer this online business idea as they do not need to handle the merchandise nor risks in unable to sell and they are able to earn money from this online business.
6) Creating a informational product (eBook, Audio, Video and etc)
This is a marvelous strategy because it gives you thousands of possibilities to create your own product. There are many different niche markets to write about. It could be a course on dog training, how to reduce stress, how to invest, cooking recipes… there are never ending topics and most of them have not yet been explored by online marketers. You do not have to create everything yourself, you can hire a ghost writer or outsource to produce your product.
If you decided to be a product creator, you will need to invest more than being an affiliate does. Although affiliates can get something for nothing, this is not true for the informational product type of business. Product creators need to learn a lot more than affiliates are required to. They need to spend some amount of time and money to get the business up and running. But if it was done right, the payoff in this online business idea is definitely much more rewarding.
These creators will tend to make more money as they have very low production and maintenance expenses. After the product is created, it doesn’t cost a single cent to duplicate thousands of copies. Start-up expenses can be covered by selling merely a few copies of high-margin products. You can even offer other affiliates to do the marketing for you.

7) AdSense

AdSense is Google’s advertising program which allows websites to display ads from Google’s extensive list of advertisers. Commission is earned when every time someone clicks on the advertisers’ links.
Google will skim through the page content to determine its topic and only serve ads that are relevant to the page’s content. Creating Google AdSense is very simple. Start out building a website with content of your niche, and register for Google’s AdSense program. Upon approval, paste Google AdSense’s code in your page and the ads will start displaying immediately after you upload the changes to your server.
Google never reveals the revenue per click with their advertiser, but how much you will earn per click depends on the topic and the product being advertised. Advertiser products with high profit margins and high conversion rates will give you high payouts. Some people do not like this business idea as it doesn’t generate as much money as compared to other models. But of course, there are still people out there benefiting from AdSense.
PLR products may cost only a few dollars but you could sell it over and over again. The advantage of PLR products is that you can make it as your own work by changing or altering the product in anyway.
Some people create eBooks and offer master resale rights which means you can resell the eBooks and allows your customer to resell too. The reason is simple. Some authors want to get maximum exposure for the products that they are selling or affiliate links that they had included within those eBooks.
Create a store, purchase these products in quantities at wholesale price and sell them online. In this way you do not have to create your own products and you could profit many times just by making a small investment.

8) Advertising Space

Selling advertiser space requires you to have a website with heavy traffic that drives massive visitors to your site. This business is profitable and all you got to do is to have great unique quality content on your website.
There are tons of ways to create this kind of content. You can offer your visitors a useful free eBook on your niche, write and publish articles on articles directories, participating actively in social media, product or programs reviews, creating a forum on your site and etc.
Massive traffic will flow to your website if you are willing to provide great service and enhance the experience of your site’s visitors. These visitors will come back often to look at your useful content and if you are offering any great free products or services.

9) Memberships Sites

Creating a membership site can provide residual income for you if you do it right. When you offer your new products, great information and latest updates of your niche, customers will tend to stay subscribed with your membership site for many months or years.
They are charged a monthly fee and as long as they stay subscribed you keep receiving profits. You do not need to have many subscribers to be profitable. This business model differs from others for the reasons listed below.
If you create an e-book and try to sell it to others, you will only sell that eBook per customer. That customer may never have repeat purchase from you again. Selling a membership to somebody and that person will pay you money on a recurring basis. You are basically selling the same product to the same person several times.
This is definitely a source of residual income in which your money grows exponentially over time. Let’s assume that you have 500 subscribers and each of them pay you $29 each month for subscription fees. If you do not sell or promote anymore subscriptions, you will still receive an average $14,500 per month.
On the other hand, if you sell single sale products; you will need to repeat selling the same amount of products every month to new clients if you want to receive the same amount of monthly profits. Membership site business offers a great opportunity to receive monthly residual income which is so important.

10) Online Network Marketing

When you join an online network marketing company, you can promote other people products similar to affiliate marketing and recruit others to duplicate the same methods. You will only get paid for every sale that you or your sales team generates.
You can repeat this system over and over again online without the need to meet people personally. The advantage of this business is the passive income that it is able to generate for you. If you train your associates well and they duplicate it with their sales team, your profits will definitely increase exponentially over time.
Do note that there are also some pyramid scams online. Most of the genuine network marketing companies do not charge you to join their program. They are only interested in your marketing and advertising efforts to help promote their products to more consumers. Pyramids will normally charge you a large amount to join and the only way for you to make more money is to introduce more people into this scheme.
With network marketing, you can make money even if you do not invest and just by selling their products. The people that you train to sell do not have to pay anything to join the company either. They are basically affiliates online not investors.

11) Affiliate Network

Start an affiliate network company like Clickbank; you will act as the intermediary between the merchants and the affiliates. You need to offer the merchants a payment processing system which allows them to use this tool to collect payments from their customers.
Your main focus on this business model is not to create or advertise products. You act as a central hub. The merchant joins your company to advertise products using your services and to get affiliates. When the affiliate joins, he is able to sell the products on the program and receive commissions. The merchants normally offer high commissions more than 50% and will do the follow up for their customers.
You will collect the payments from the merchants’ clients and make the payments to the merchants and affiliates on a preset time frame. For this, you will charge a fee.
Although this is not that easy in real life and you will face strong competition, but the good thing is that you do not have to create and advertise the products yourself. You act like the hub and intermediary between affiliates and merchants.
These are the different ways of making money online today. No matter which model you choose, make sure you understand the basics. Get started now by choosing your preferred model and learn the correct methods from the right people on how to start off fast on the right track.

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