The Review of the Dell Venus Android 2.2 Smartphone

Many people were surprised when Dell ventured into the Smartphone business. Dell in the past hasn’t veered to far away from the personal computers. Of course there are some exceptions to that statement such as the PDA’s that Dell came out with long time ago. Now Dell has went mobile a few years back producing some world class ultra mobile hardware. The Dell Company launched an attack on the handset world only a few years ago. In the Smartphone business the competition is everywhere. Apple and Google are always trying to out better the other one in the Smartphone department. This is great for you because it makes a lot more options for the buyers. With so many Smartphone on the market in today’s world, it was only logical for Dell to jump into this market. The first Smartphone that Dell came out with were nothing that special but as time went on their products got better and better. The Dell Venus Android 2.2 Smartphone is Dell’s most advanced phone they have made so far. The Dell Venus Smartphone is powered by AT T; and T – Mobile. Some of the features that the Dell Venus has would be a one GB internal ROM, 512 MB internal RAMS, and a 16 GB memory card included. That is a lot of memory when you are dealing with a phone. The operating system of the Dell Venus is Android 2.2. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, and micro USB are also some neat features that are on the Dell Venus. The display screen is 4.1 inch AMOLED screen. The resolution display on the Dell Venus is 480 x 800. The size and weight of the phone are about normal sized. The camera is an 8 megapixel rear – facing camera with HC camcorder. This Smartphone doesn’t have the front – facing camera. The Dell Venue also has full web browsing with Adobe Flash Player. The venue is a very unique phone in a few ways such as; it’s made by Dell and Dell made only a handful of phones. Another reason the Dell Venue is a unique phone is because it phone is one of few to be sold unlocked 3G in the United States. This phone will be loved by a lot of people who like Dell products. Dell is known for their quantity personal computers. So many people will at least try the new Dell Venus Android 2.2 Smartphone to see how good Dell did on this Smartphone.

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