The easy way to quickly get rid of Groups and Pages that you are joined without knowing

The natural appearance of a live stream sales or a group with strange names on the news feed makes us extremely uncomfortable. This is a way to quickly withdraw from invited groups. In the process of using Facebook, you must have participated and “forced” to participate quite a lot of Groups and Pages, right? Sometimes too many numbers lead you to be unable to follow Group or Page posts, as well as friends’ posts on New Feed. Although it is possible to opt out of joining groups and pages, using the default options provided by Facebook is quite time consuming. This article will give you a much simpler solution that is quite secure, which is to use the Toolkit For FB extension by PlugEx for Google Chrome. And if you are interested, the following is a reference for you. Step 1: Start the Google Chrome browser and access this address ( Click on “Add to Chrome” to proceed to add this add-on to the browser. Step 2: Complete adding the Toolkit For FB extension by PlugEx to Google Chrome, you should restart the browser so that the utility can work best. Step 3: To start using, click on the Toolkit For FB by PlugEx icon in the extension area. The Toolkit For FB menu will appear with a lot of operation options. Here you can refer to many items and use the options that suit your needs. For the topic of this article, go to the Removal tools section and click on the option “LEAVE MULTIPLE / ALL FACEBOOK GROUP”. The action interface will appear, to be honest, Toolkit For FB only “reskinned” the page that manages the user’s Facebook Groups and Pages into a simpler and easier interface. Therefore, you can be assured of the security of your Facebook account. You can use the “SELECT ALL GROUPS” option to quickly select all the Groups you have joined, then click “START LEAVING GROUP FACEBOOK” to allow the Toolkit For FB to be proceed to help you cancel your participations from all selected Groups. Or if you have free time, you can choose which groups you want to cancel and then press “START LEAVING GROUP FACEBOOK”. The process will work automatically, and the Toolkit For FB will also display a message to let you know the progress and when it is completed. Very simple, right? Hope this utility will be useful for you.