Every gamer at one point has quick scoped or tried to trick shot with any type of weapon. But the past few years gamer’s have stuck with the sniper. Why? well the main reason it is mostly a one shot gun which makes it easier, the second reason I think is the scope. The scope on snipers are way different than the scopes of any of the other guns and that’s another factor gamer’s have stuck with the snipers. Over the years gamer’s have came up with new types of shots as if quick scoping wasn’t enough. They started doing 360′s, 720′s no-scopes you name it, their are a few things the noobies don’t know about.
It’s called the Crab/Claw what this allows you to do is have more time to aim while your in the air, and if your aiming across the map you will probably need the extra time. It is tough to get used to, truthfully it took me a couple of days of non stop practicing but it truly helps after you I got used to it my hits were way higher and I couldn’t believe how many hits I hit. So I would really suggest you get used to this any time your sniping.

The Top spin

To do this trickshot you are going to want to learn how to climb a latter and turn left or right and land back on it. That is the main concept of trickshot is to spin on the latter and land back on it. You will want to hold your left stick up and your right stick left or right.

The Barrel Roll

I don’t really like this video much but I thought I might as well add it in. I don’t think of it much as a tutorial as it doesn’t really show you how to do it, or repeat how to do it at all.
Quick Scoping on Modern warfare 2
This will teach different types of quick scopes and is a very good basic tutorial that will help you quick scope better on Modern Warfare 2.

The Temperrr Shot

This trickshot is a bit tricky to do and requires a bit of skill with quickscoping. Basically what you are going to do is jump and scope in then double tap Y or triangle and then spin and shoot. And for a bit of style to the shot press y or reload.

The Tack-Flip Shot

This guy does not speak English very well but if you speak it i’m sure you can understand what he is saying. This shot is a hard shot to pull off, but if you work on the shot and you watch the video a few times i’m sure that you can master it. This shot is probably the shot I use the most and I love it, the kill cam looks sick and definitely gets some oh my gods.
I hope these videos will help you guys learn how to trickshot correctly and for those who didn’t know how to quick scope or trickshot I hope you will get on your Xbox or PlayStation 3 and try some of these out. If you get the hang of these you will start to have a lot of fun. At first it’s fun to play with some friends that will go easy on you at first because if your playing online a lot of people use regular guns and don’t give you a really good chance to practice. If you watch all of these videos i’m sure that you can learn how to Trickshot in no time.

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