How to Become an Online Food Critic

A food critic is a person that gives their opinion about food that is prepared by local food establishments like restaurants and bistros. They publish their opinions in newspapers, magazines and now even online. If you are a foodie, or if you just like to enjoy eating food, then consider becoming an online food critic. Not only can you find fulfillment in sharing your opinions with others who enjoy food, but you can also make a good living by turning your online food critiques into a business. Step #1 – Gain Experience With Work While you don’t have to be a professional food taster to become an online food critic, you do need some connection with food. For example, you can take classes to become a certified BBQ judge, you may have experience working at a restaurant, you may be a professional or amateur cook or you may have a degree from a culinary school. If you don’t have any experience with food, beyond eating it, then you will need to build your reputation from the ground up. Step #2 – Select Your Niche The next step is to select the type of food that you will focus your reviews on. To be successful online you will need to select a niche to work in, such as ice cream reviews, Chicago restaurant reviews or road side stop reviews. You can select more than one niche if you are up for the challenge. Step #3 – Develop a Portfolio of Initial Reviews Before you can get your food review website up and running you will need a portfolio of food reviews to upload. To get your website off the ground you will need at least 20 reviews. Make sure your reviews have a similar format and contain the same basic information about the food item or the restaurant that you reviewed. For example, you will want to detail where you got the item, who prepared it, where the restaurant is located, when you arrived and your opinion about the service and the food. Step #4 – Set Up Your Online Food Critic Business to Make Money To make money with your food critic website you need to do two things. First of all you will want to look into adding Google ads to your website. This will help you to earn money based on how many people visit your site and how many people click on the ads. Secondly you can earn money by selling food related products through affiliate programs or through your own online store.

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