A professional who uses various media to make logos, banners, web pages, greeting cards newsletters and signs etc. is a Graphic Designer. More proficient designers also make 2D and 3D animations. Graphic designers make video games and even design web sites. Graphic designers also design the background of scenes that are shot on chroma. Some reconstructions and illustrations that we regularly see on television are also works of graphic designers. Graphic designing is a technical art that needs a lot of precision and skill. You must try your hand into a graphic designing career only if you feel you have it in you. Being a graphic designer you can either work as an employer or you can work as a freelance graphic designer. Your creation speaks for your skills. Graphic designers use desktop publishing programs for completing their various projects. As graphic designer you would be required to produce rich text and high quality images. Steps that would help you to walk up the ladder 1. You must have a knack for drawing and sketching. If you have the skills then nurture them by joining some classes. This would help you learn the aesthetics. 2. There is a neck to neck competition in this field so it would be better to have a college degree in graphic arts or computer graphics. It is not a necessity but an added advantage. 3. When you plot to join graphic designing school for a degree in graphic arts then be prepared with some sample art works of yours. Your works may be simple but they must show that you have a keen interest in the course. 4. Keep learning and applying your knowledge to your sample projects. The more your gain knowledge the more eligible you become for a course. 5. Once you buy admission in a graphic design college try to get an internship in the design department of a graphic designing firm. An internship would not only make your resume look excellent but it would give you exposure to the practical aspects of the job. It would also help you to build contacts in the related field, which would help you get graphic designer job when you are out of college. 6. You may even start handling simpler projects after a few months in college. This adds to you experience, giving exposure to the practical aspects of the work. Freelance projects would also add a feather to your resume and make you a shade better than those applying for the graphic designing job with you. 7. This is a creative field and you must keep track of the latest trends and latest developments in the field. You must have an eye for packaging trends of the media and build the same kind of thinking. If you are plotting to become a graphic designer then build your own kind of perception. Look at things differently and try to present them in an appealing fashion. You need to have a creative heart and mind. Simple thinking would not reach you to your destination. You must possess extra creativity and add your creativity to the project before submitting it to your employer or client. Reckon different to present different!

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