It’s really important for a website owner to develop an excellent keyword system for keyword research. Many people use a popular keyword system that narrow down and refine the keyword research. This is a three step system that includes various tools for keyword research. The three step process can appear complicated or overwhelming to someone that’s new to keyword research. It helps to find a micro niche and find profitable keywords for that niche. Step 1 Go to Google Adwords Keyword Tool for keyword ideas. Step 2 Go to SEO Book Keyword tool and enter the keyword or phrase. The SEO Book keyword tool will reveal how many people are searching for that particular keyword or phrase. Step 3 Use the keyword phrase in Google to check for competing websites. Entering the keyword in Google will show the competing pages and chance to see what the competition is promoting. The key is to take this information and make a better website. The goal with keyword research is to find a keyword with a lot of searches and low competition. Profitable keywords will convert the traffic into sales which is the goal of affiliate marketers. There are methods for getting traffic to a website but can be costly. Also, the three step keyword system is easy to learn. The three step keyword system could be a strategy that not right for your business. But, it’s important to develop a plan or a strategy that will work for you. If you don’t have a plan then you will not be able to test keywords. It helps to track keywords to see how well the keywords perform. It will take a lot of time to focus on campaigns that have too much competition and very little searches. Moreover, this will result in fewer sales and less profits. Eventually, you will find target keywords for your website but the keywords still need to be monitor. You are watching to see which keywords will convert into a sale. When you find out the profitable keywords then take that keyword and launch other campaigns that drive traffic for those keywords to your website. Overtime you will learn that specific keywords will convert into sales more than other keywords. There are three types of visitors to your website. The visitors are buyers, casual surfers, and information seekers. It’s important to identify the people that are visiting your website. This information should be use to build campaigns that will encourage the buyer to make a purchase. Keyword research is a building process and will become easier with more keyword campaigns. The three step keyword system is the first step at learning more about internet marketing.