HOLIVAR 2006 :: Abstract Submission

HOLIVAR 2006 :: Abstract Submission

HOLIVAR2006 Abstracts

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  • – Theme 1 – Millennial Time Scales
    – Theme 2 – Decadal to Centennial Time Scales
    – Theme 3 – Climate Variability in the Last 2000 Years
    – Theme 4 – Rapid Hydrological Change
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Keynote Presentations

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KN-001 – John Birks
Holocene climate research – progress, paradigms, and problems.
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KN-002 – Paul Valdes
Climate Modelling of the Holocene: Recent progress and future prospects.
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KN-003 – Frank Oldfield
The role of people in the Holocene.
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KN-004 – Eystein Jansen
North Atlantic climate and ocean variability during the Holocene on multidecadal and longer time scales.
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KN-005 – Michel Crucifix
Modelling of the evolution of climate during the Holocene.
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KN-006 – Jürg Beer
Holocene climate change: evidence for solar and other forcings.
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KN-007 – Bas van Geel
Holocene climate change on decadal to centennial time scales and the potential role of solar variability and other forcing factors.
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KN-008 – Michael Mann
Reconstructions of climate over the past two millennia.
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KN-009 – Hugues Goosse
Simulating the climate of the last two millennia: the role of internal and forced variability.
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KN-010 – Dirk Verschuren
Droughts and floods: proxy records of rapid hydrological change during the Holocene.
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KN-011 – Martin Claussen
Rapid land cover changes – theory and potential implications.
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KN-012 – Raymond Bradley
Future climate change: the need for a past perspective.
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Poster Presentations – Theme SP

SP-001 – Frank Chambers
ACCROTELM: Abrupt Climate Changes Recorded Over The European Land Mass.
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SP-002 – Bernard Avril
Climate variability and the carbon cycle (past, present, and future): the EuroCLIMATE Programme for coupled climate models and multi-proxy climate reconstructions at European and regional scales.
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SP-003 – Danny McCarroll
Millennium: European climate of the last millennium.
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SP-004 – Christoph Kull
PAGES (Past Global Changes).
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Poster Presentations – Theme T1

T1-001 – Britta Lüder
Holocene summer temperature variability in southern Norway – a palaeolimnological study based on chironomids, pollen, and geochemical data.
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T1-002 – Anna Hey
Palaeoclimate reconstructions from the Antarctic Peninsula: diatoms as indicators of environmental change.
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T1-003 – Charlotte Dew
Assessing palaeomonsoon variability during the Late Quaternary: Evidence from the lake sediment archives of Yunnan Province, China.
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T1-005 – Elizabeth Thomas
The 8.2 kyr event from Greenland ice cores.
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T1-006 – Bernd Zolitschka
Water at “World’s End”: Laguna Potrok Aike – a new ICDP lake drilling site in southern Patagonia, Argentina.
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T1-007 – Josephine Brown
Using coupled model simulations of Mid-Holocene ENSO to constrain uncertainty in predictions of ENSO response to future climate change.
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T1-008 – Rebecca Turner
Climatic pacing of Mediterranean fire history from lake sedimentary micro-charcoal.
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T1-009 – Murielle Meurisse
The Upper Holocene climate trend and palaeodynamic interpretation of coastal dunes complexes in northern France based on stratigraphy, sedimentology and archaeology.
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T1-010 – Marloes Kortekaas
Palaeoenvironmental record from the southern Baltic Sea based on a high-resolution Optically Stimulated Luminescence (OSL) chronology.
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T1-011 – Roland Schmidt
Seasonal air-temperature anomalies in relation to 4000 years of land-use in the southern Austrian Alps.
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T1-012 – Rixt de Jong
Holocene storminess variation and landscape dynamics in Halland, SW Sweden.
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T1-013 – Tatiana Blyakharchuk
Late Glacial and Holocene climatic and vegetation change in the mountain areas of the Altai and Tuva republics in southern Siberia (Russia) revealed by pollen data from lake sediments.
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T1-014 – Matthew Box
Palaeoclimate record in the River Nile catchment (0-25 kyr) as recorded by 87Sr/86Sr in a marine core under the Nile plume.
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T1-015 – Natalia Piotrowska
Construction of the calendar time scale for Lake Wigry sediments on the basis of radiocarbon dating.
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T1-016 – Dirk Enters
Increased precipitation in SE Brazil during the Holocene recorded in sediments of Lago Aleixo.
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T1-017 – Fa-Hu Chen
Millennial Holocene climatic variability in the East Asian monsoon margin inferred from a high-resolution pollen record, Lake Zhuyeze, China.
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T1-018 – Patrick Rioual
Holocene climatic and limnologic changes at Sihailongwan maar lake (North-eastern China) as indicated by diatom remains: preliminary results.
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T1-019 – Graciela M. Gil-Romera
Holocene climate variations in arid Namibia derived from pollen analysis of fossil dung deposits.
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T1-020 – Jan Weckström
Responses of wetland vegetation, water chemistry, and carbon dynamics to past climatic changes in northern Fennoscandia. A contribution to the REBECCA Project.
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T1-022 – Heikki Seppä
Changes in temperature and effective humidity during the Holocene in central Sweden: Implications for atmospheric and oceanic forcings of climate.
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T1-023 – Maija Heikkilä
Late glacial presence of conifers in north-eastern Europe?
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T1-024 – Yan Zhao
Holocene vegetation and climate history at Hurleg Lake in the Qaidam Basin, north-west China.
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T1-025 – Sandrine Solignac
Coherent Sea Surface Change at ~6000 BP across the eastern North Atlantic, as revealed by Dinoflagellate Cyst and Coccolith Assemblages.
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T1-026 – Michael Marshall
Late Pleistocene and Holocene environmental and climatic change from Lake Tana, northern Ethiopia.
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T1-027 – Steven Phipps
Multi-millennial simulations of the climate of the Late Holocene.
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T1-029 – Jacques Giraudeau
Millennial-scale changes in volume transport of Atlantic waters to the Nordic Seas during the Holocene: marine biotic evidences.
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T1-030 – Aarno Kotilainen
Subarctic aeolian deposits – a terrestrial response to Holocene climate variability.
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T1-031 – Thomas Giesecke
Which climate variables caused changes in vegetation composition?
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T1-032 – Norbert Kühl
Holocene climate reconstructions in Central Europe using botanical proxy data.
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T1-033 – Siklosy Zoltan
Stable isotope compositions of speleothems from Hungary: climate conditions and local variations.
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T1-034 – Dominic Hodgson
Signals in Antarctica of past global changes – the last 10,000 years.
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T1-036 – Sebastian Wagner
Reconstructing the hydrological climate for Southern Patagonia during the Mid-Holocene from transient GCM simulations and empirical proxy evidence.
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T1-037 – Dan Hammarlund
Millennial-scale changes in atmospheric circulation across northern Fennoscandia inferred from cellulose δ18O records from lake sediments in northern-most Sweden and Finland.
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T1-038 – Elin Norström
Pleistocene-Holocene transition in eastern South Africa – initial isotope data from Braamhoek wetland.
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T1-039 – Stephen Roberts
Early Holocene retreat of George VI Ice shelf from lake sediments.
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T1-041 – Mizzi (Maria Letizia) Filippi
Late-glacial/Holocene transition in the NE Italian Alps under the magnifying glass: hints from lake sediments and speleothems.
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T1-043 – Steve Juggins
Can we trust quantitative palaeoenvironmental reconstructions? Validation using redundancy analysis with constraints on variables.
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T1-044 – George Swann
Potential limitations of biogenic silica as an indicator of millennial-scale change in Lake Baikal, Russia.
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T1-045 – Neil Roberts
Replicating proxy-climate records: a lake sediment based study from the East Mediterranean.
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T1-046 – Jun Inoue
Reconstruction of the last 140,000 yr fire history from microscopic charcoal in Lake Biwa sediments, central Japan. Abundant charcoal in Early Holocene sediments is derived from anthropogenic fires or natural fires related to climatic change?
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T1-047 – James Swinehart
Climate records from superimposed Late Holocene dunes of the Nebraska Sand Hills, USA.
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T1-048 – Sangheon Yi
Holocene palynomorphs of the Eastern Arctic Ocean: preliminary results.
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T1-050 – Caspar Ammann
First impressions from a transient coupled simulation of the Mid- to Late-Holocene with the NCAR CCSM 3.0
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T1-051 – Karin A. Koinig
Holocene climate changes traced by sediment geochemistry in a high alpine lake.
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T1-053 – Lester Lembke-jene
Holocene hydrographic and climatic changes in the Okhotsk Sea and their significance for North Pacific to North Atlantic teleconnections.
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T1-054 – Gavin Schmidt
Interpreting water isotope proxies in the Holocene.
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T1-055 – Sonia Fontana
Late-Quaternary Environmental Changes and Timberline Fluctuations in the Patagonian Andes of Argentina.
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T1-056 – Annette Kossler
The Holocene development of the Paddenluch (Brandenburg, North Germany) inferred from plant remains, ostracods, and sedimentary features.
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T1-057 – Jolana Tátosová
Holocene paleoenvironmental reconstructions using subfossil chironomid assemblages from the sediment of a glacial lake in Southern Bohemia: preliminary results.
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T1-058 – Teresa Rodrigues
Paleoclimate changes in the Tagus Prodelta during the last 14 kyr: Biomarker and coccolith evidences.
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Poster Presentations – Theme T2

T2-001 – Fernando Domínguez
Seasonal vs. annual use of the analysis of rogation ceremonies: a human influenced proxy of climate change (southern Spanish Meseta).
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T2-003 – Xavier Crosta
Solar influence on Antarctic sea ice cover during the Holocene.
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T2-004 – Steffen Mischke
Laminated lake sediments from the Tibetan Plateau as a proxy for Holocene climate variability.
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T2-005 – Tiernan Williams
Valley-glacier system modelling of the European Alps: A statistical approach to estimating glacier contribution to future sea-level rise.
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T2-006 – Delphine Denis
Seasonal and sub-seasonal climate changes recorded in laminated diatom ooze sediments, Adélie Land, East Antarctica.
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T2-007 – Bettina Stefanini
High resolution multi proxy records from Atlantic peat deposits: NW Spain. A contribution to the ACCROTELM Project.
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T2-008 – Leanne Franklin-Smith
Holocene climate interactions with vegetation and fire in Alaska-Yukon.
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T2-009 – Ulla Kokfelt
Reconstructing multi- to interdecadal lake and climate variability in a subarctic lake in northern Sweden during the last 440 years.
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T2-010 – Christoph Spötl
Centennial-scale climate cooling around 8200 years ago in the Mediterranean region based on speleothem stable isotope data.
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T2-012 – Jens Zinke
Seasonal changes in Holocene and Last Interglacial monsoon climate: evidence from Seychelles corals.
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T2-013 – Liya Jin
Impacts of snow and glaciers over Tibetan Plateau on Holocene climate change: sensitivity experiments with the global climate models.
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T2-015 – Tania Stanton
Geomagnetic field versus solar activity and the possible effect on cosmogenic nuclide variations.
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T2-016 – Ronny Boch
Fast growing stalagmites from Katerloch Cave: a Holocene high-resolution palaeoenvironmental archive from the south-eastern fringe of the Alps.
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T2-017 – Nerilie Abram
Methane sulphonic acid in near-coastal ice cores as a proxy for decadal to century scale variations in Antarctic sea ice.
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T2-018 – Caroline Cléroux
Holocene variability of the Gulf Stream source area: surface and water column structure data.
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T2-019 – Chris Leach
Diffuse reflectance infrared and near-infrared Fourier transform spectroscopy: A fast and inexpensive tool for inferring past environmental change from lake, marine and mire sediments.
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T2-020 – Pirita Oksanen
High-resolution multi-proxy records from Atlantic peat deposits: central Ireland. A contribution to the ACCROTELM Project.
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T2-022 – Hanna Sundqvist
Holocene climate changes in north-western Sweden based on stable oxygen isotopes in speleothems.
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T2-023 – Adam Young
Lake-sediment records of recent climate variability in north-west China’s drylands.
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T2-024 – Jan-Berend Stuut
Linking north-west African climate and sea-surface temperature variations off Senegal during the Late Holocene.
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T2-025 – Sergi Pla
Chrysophyte cysts from lake sediments reveal the sub-millennial winter/spring climate variability in the north-western Mediterranean region throughout the Holocene.
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T2-026 – Jop Brijker
Extent of the tropical 4.2 kyr drought event and sun-climate relations.
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T2-027 – Ilse Boeren
Paleo-forest Reichwalde: Late Glacial event chronologies through pollen, botanical macro-remains and tree rings.
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T2-029 – Elizabeth Bingham
Use of biomarker proxies to reconstruct environmental changes during the Sub Boreal-Sub Atlantic transition using a suite of European ombrotrophic bogs.
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T2-030 – Tara Ivanochko
A Holocene, high-resolution, geochemical reconstruction of decadal-centennial scale climate change in the eastern North Pacific.
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T2-032 – Külli Kangur
The role of temperature in the population dynamics of smelt Osmerus eperlanus eperlanus m. spirinchus Pallas in Lake Peipsi (Estonia/Russia)
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T2-033 – Philip Barratt
Sensitivity of bog-oaks to external forcings: new work from the Lough Neagh region, Northern Ireland.
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T2-034 – Emma Pearson
Organic geochemical indicators of environmental change using lake sediments.
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T2-036 – Jim Marshall
From Isotopes to Palaeo-Meteorology with help from the Midges! Late glacial and Early Holocene climate in north-west Europe – abrupt events and centennial variability.
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T2-037 – Martin Widmann
Assimilation of large-scale circulation states into an atmospheric GCM with pattern nudging.
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T2-038 – Akiko Murakami
Analysis of the influence of fossil fuel combustion using fly-ash particles in sediment cores: comparison of urban and remote areas in Japan.
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Poster Presentations – Theme T3

T3-001 – Dmitry Sonechkin
Reconstructing past temperature variations: mathematical grounds and some results.
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T3-002 – Julie Richey
The Little Ice Age and Medieval Warm Period in Gulf of Mexico sediments.
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T3-003 – Atte Korhola
A 800-year record of summer temperature in northern Fennoscandia inferred from sedimentary diatoms.
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T3-004 – Katie Szkornik
Little Ice Age sand invasion of the Ho Bugt salt marshes in western Denmark during low relative sea level.
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T3-005 – Maarten Blaauw
Simultaneous or sucked-in? Testing the timing of radiocarbon-dated climate events between sites.
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T3-006 – Anneli Poska
Late Holocene climate change in Estonia based on pollen and loss-on-ignition data from two annually laminated lakes.
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T3-007 – Julius Bunny Lejju
Climate change or human induced environmental degradation? A multi-proxy reconstruction of Late Holocene environmental variability in western Uganda.
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T3-008 – Michael Sigl
A 1000-year climate history from an Alpine ice core?
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T3-009 – Nadia Solovieva
Diatom responses to 20th century climate warming in lakes from the northern Urals, Russia.
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T3-010 – Jianhui Chen
Proxy indicated humid Little Ice Age (LIA) climate in arid China.
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T3-011 – Celia Martin Puertas
Mediterranean climate palaeoreconstruction in the last 2000 years: Zoñar Lake, Southern Spain.
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T3-012 – Xiaozhong Huang
Climatic variability in arid central Asia over the last 2000 years documented by Bosten Lake, China.
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T3-014 – Christian Bigler
Multi-proxy reconstruction of Holocene environmental changes at Lake Vuolep Njakajaure (Abisko National Park, northern Sweden).
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T3-015 – Anson Mackay
1000 years of climate variability in central Asia: assessing the evidence using Lake Baikal (Russia) diatom assemblages and the application of a diatom-inferred model of snow cover on the lake.
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T3-016 – Olga Sidorova
Climatic changes in subarctic Eurasia based on millennial tree-ring chronologies.
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T3-017 – Helen McGregor
Alkenone sea-surface temperature (SST) record of increased north-west African upwelling during the 20th century.
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T3-019 – Aurel Persoiu
Ice in caves: a valuable tool for Holocene palaeoclimatic reconstructions.
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T3-020 – Lucien von Gunten
Medieval Climate Anomaly (MCA) and Little Ice Age Type Events (LIATES) in the South-Central Andes of Chile.
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T3-021 – Christian Kamenik
Regional multi-proxy climate reconstruction based on tree-rings, ice cores, lake sediments, and peat profiles: a calibration exercise.
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T3-022 – Lindsay Powers
Recent effects of climate forcing on Lake Malawi surface temperatures: A possible shift in tropical climate response.
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T3-024 – Ulle Sillasoo
Late Holocene environmental changes derived from peat multi-proxy data in Männikjärve bog (Estonia) with possible indications for climate change.
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T3-025 – Hans Linderholm
Fennoscandian Summer temperatures since AD 442 reconstructed from a tree-ring network.
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T3-026 – Karin Boessenkool
Variations in near-bottom flow speeds of Iceland-Scotland Overflow Water during the last two centuries.
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T3-027 – Julie Jones
Stability of the arctic oscillation-temperature signal over the last millennium.
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T3-029 – Jonathan Tyler
Oxygen isotope ratios of water and biogenic silica in a remote mountain lake: on the importance of seasonality in palaeoclimate interpretation.
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T3-030 – David Hollander
Interpreting Paleoydrologic and Plaeoclimatic Conditions on Sub-Tropical North America During the Late Holocene Through the Comparison of Speleothem and Lake Geochemical Proxy Records.
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T3-031 – Katrine Krogh Andersen
Greenland Climate over the past 2000 years as seen from ice cores.
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T3-032 – Saber Al-Rousan
Invasion of anthropogenic CO2 recorded in stable isotopes of planktonic foraminifera from the northern Gulf of Aqaba, Red Sea.
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T3-033 – Guillaume Masse
Novel highly branched isoprenoid biomarkers as indicators of sea-ice diatoms: implications for historical sea-ice records and future predictions.
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Poster Presentations – Theme T4

T4-001 – Jennifer Flannery
Mississippi River Discharge During The Little Ice Age and Medieval Warm Period: A Gulf of Mexico Perspective on Hydrologic Variability Over North America.
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T4-002 – Minna Väliranta
High-resolution reconstruction of wetness dynamics in a southern boreal raised bog in Finland during the Late Holocene.
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T4-003 – Santiago Giralt
A role for climate change in the Easter Island culture collapse? A high-resolution multi-proxy study of the sedimentary infill of the Rano-Raraku and Rano-Aroi lacustrine ecosystems.
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T4-004 – Mario Morellon
Millennial-scale hydrological fluctuations during the last 9 kyr in North-eastern Spain: The lacustrine record of Estanya (Huesca).
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T4-005 – Lidia Romero Viana
Climatic signal in varve thickness; Lake La Cruz (Spain) case study.
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T4-006 – Jukka Alm
Methane emissions of a bog following Late Holocene changes in water table and mire microtopography.
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T4-007 – Matthew Amesbury
Ultimate resolution of the peat-based proxy climate record of the Holocene.
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T4-008 – Nicki Whitehouse
Issues in the interpretation of palaeohydrological events in floodplain peats: an example from Lough Neagh, Northern Ireland.
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T4-009 – Fabien Arnaud
Floods, droughts and dwellings in front of the Alps.
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T4-010 – Dan Charman
Late-Holocene centennial-scale hydrological variability and flood frequency changes in Britain.
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T4-011 – Rita Wania
Modelling modern and Holocene land surface processes and methane emissions in high latitudes.
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T4-012 – Wing Wai Sung
Determining the impact of 20th century climate on culturally eutrophic, temperate lakes.
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T4-013 – Isla Milne
A high-resolution fossil diatom record of Holocene climate and environmental change in equatorial East Africa.
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T4-014 – Marco Benvenuti
Coupled evidence of Late Holocene rapid moisture fluctuations in lake and river system proxies, Main Ethiopian Rift.
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T4-015 – Netajirao Phadtare
Abrupt dry climate events in Himalaya during the last three millennia and their links to the Indian summer monsoon.
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T4-016 – Michael Kramer
Holocene hydrologic change of a high altitude lake in Ladakh, NW India – preliminary results.
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T4-017 – Graeme Swindles
Reconstruction of Holocene climate change from peatlands in the North of Ireland.
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T4-018 – Pierre (Peter) De Geest
High-resolution speleothem records from Soqotra Island, Yemen as a tool for Indian Ocean Monsoon climate reconstruction.
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T4-019 – Astrid Michels
Multidecadal to millennial-scale shifts in drought conditions on the Canadian prairies over the past six millennia.
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T4-020 – Erin McClymont
Biomarker reconstructions of the Medieval Warm Period / Little Ice Age transition from a suite of European ombrotrophic peats.
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T4-021 – Matthew Jones
Holocene climatic forcing in the neotropics: a high resolution record from west-central Mexico.
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T4-022 – David Preece
Decadal to centennial scale climate oscillations over Southern Africa.
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T4-023 – Maria Ryner
Climate change in northern Tanzania during the last 1000 years – implication for human intensive agricultural system.
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T4-024 – Ingmar Unkel
A wet phase in the South Peruvian coastal desert (14°30’S) during the Little Ice Age period.
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T4-025 – Keely Mills
Environmental change in western Uganda during the last 1200 years from multiproxy palaeolimnological archives.
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T4-026 – Veronica Hohl
Calibration and validation of peat palaeoclimate records.
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