How to install Windows 8 Windows 8 has been on news continuously since last year after its release. Even prior to the release, the excitement was there because everyone was looking for a change. The predecessors of Windows 8 had many things in common, but Windows 8 proved to be something really ‘new’ and hence it was accepted with mixed reaction. Many users purchased the Windows 8 OS, tried it and some were happy with it and many found it difficult to use as they were happy with the old interface. The features included in Windows 8 were its tiled feature with apps appearing on the Start screen itself. This gave users the chance to try everything right from their Start screen. The interface was sleek and it was designed to work on the touch screen. Even though Microsoft has many operating systems to its credit, Windows 8 stands apart as it can be considered as a computer OS for the next generation. The operating system could be used on notebooks, tablets, laptops and desktops. However, the limitations of Windows 8 had to be avoided and such a thought paved way for the Windows 8.1 OS update. You will find many changes in all the apps appearing on the Start screen of the Windows 8.1 OS. Let us check out one of the new apps, which is the app for Food and Drink, where you can get recipes for cooking; and the new Health and Fitness App, which covers information about health, exercises, nutrition information and others. The other new apps, which have been introduced, include apps for music, apps for purchasing albums and songs, for creating radio stations, a new app for editing pictures and many others. You will also get to play more games using some brand new game apps and you can try any of these new apps as you prefer. Try to install Windows 8 Windows 8.1 OS is unique as the desktop UI could be customized according to the user’s wishes. You could change the background colors and patterns as per your wishes. The tiles on your desktop could also be configured and they could be changed from small to large. You can apply your imagination in using these tiles and give a new look to your Start screen. The best of all these changes is that you will find the Start button back on your desktop when you install Windows 8.1. You should try the new Windows OS and install Windows 8.1 in your system today.

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