Open Science Meeting
UCL, London, UK
12-15 June, 2006

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Supported by UCL, the European Science Foundation and IGBP-PAGES

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HOLIVAR2006 Open Science Meeting

Natural Climate Variability and Global Warming

Global warming is one of the most urgent issues for human society in the 21st century.

In this meeting we examined how and why the natural climate system varies and assessed the relative importance of natural processes and human activity in explaining global warming.

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This image is a comparison of 9 different published reconstructions of mean temperature changes during the last 1000 years
1000 Year Temperature Comparison
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Keynote Presentations Online

The 12 keynote talks can now be viewed again using RealPlayer. Each presentation includes the Powerpoint slides alongside video of the speaker. Keynote abstracts are also available.

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The keynotes talks are currently being prepared as chapters of the forthcoming proceedings Natural Climate Variability and Global Warming: a Holocene Perspective to be published by Blackwell.


Photo Gallery

Photos are now available from the meeting. Our team of professional photographers were roaming throughout the conference – maybe you will find yourself here!

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Poster Prizes

Posters were presented by 150 people in 4 themes. Prizes were presented to the 4 best student posters in each category (actually 5 winners) – Peter De Geest, Aurel Persoiu, Jun Inoue, Rixt de Jong and Bettina Stefanini.

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